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Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Congratulations to sprstoner for 3rd place in $2500 NL at the WSOP.

Congratulations to CK for finishing 39th in the $2500 OE event.

Congratulations to LJ for finishing 10th in the $1500 HORSE event.

Let's see some more deep finishes!


On a 100% off topic and extremely random tangent... a thought on the auto situation and how far the traditional media have declined:

Italian automaker Fiat now owns a big chunk of Chrysler and by all accounts was regarded by the U.S. government as the only viable savior of the Pentastar as an ongoing concern.

Media reaction: Huzzah! (mostly)

The media reaction I expected but have not found anywhere: Fiat? FIAT? WTF?!?

Doesn't anyone have a memory that lasts more than fifteen minutes?

A few years ago Fiat had a business arrangement with General Motors. As part of the deal, Fiat had a "put" option where it could essentially force GM to buy Fiat's auto business. Fiat at that time was a complete and total basket case - worse than GM if you can believe that - and GM paid $2 billion in 2005 to get away from having to buy Fiat.

And now Fiat is a savior. Huh.

In the last four years Fiat has come a long way. It's obviously not the same company it was in '04-'05 and maybe it's strong enough to salvage something out of Chrysler. But to read no mention of the GM history - a mere four years ago - is baffling to me.

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