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Monday, June 01, 2009

Minimum Wage Saturday Night

As planned I made my way to over to the Poker Zone in Holland, MI on Saturday evening for a little live charity poker action.

Noted: Live game is a bit rusty.

I've commented before, I think, on the room. The folks at the Poker Zone run a pretty good game. The dealers know what they are doing. The wait list system can be a bit sloppy, but I've never waited so long that I felt like leaving. Otherwise any limitations on the experience are really imposed by the charity gaming rules. For the most part, it compares well to any casino room I've ever visited.

It's been months now since I've been to the Zone and yet I was completely at home as soon as I arrived. Some of that is about the people - a lot of the players and the dealers never change. It's the same group. I got a seat at one of the cash tables (1/2 NL) after a brief wait and I knew by name or nickname four or five of the other nine players.

I won a few small pots playing crap in position early. I didn't chip up very fast because I kept getting small pocket pairs, which I could play inexpensively. None of them turned out, so that was a steady drain.

I flopped exactly one set, which worked out well - three kings held up against a flopped set of threes. That got me a decent stack.

Beyond that one big pot, I didn't win many hands of note and lost two which took a nice chunk of my profits. I simply got unlucky on the first hand - I popped it to $15 with AA in late position after a limp or two. Guy out of position called and lead out for $25 on a not real scary T82 board. He didn't have much behind, so after I raised him of course he was going to call ... with 98 offsuit. Yeah, second pair nine kicker. River 9. It happens. The other loser was a good read and a questionable decision on my part. Again a raise to $15 preflop by me, this time with AKo and an out of position call. On a very similar 10 high board, this time opponent open-shoves for $49. Analysis: He either has an underpair or AQ. It was 66, which held. I'll have to check the math on the right move there.

I received an unprecedented number of premium hands. AA two or three times, KK, QQ, TT, at least a dozen smaller pocket pairs. Just the one set, though.

Ended up playing for about five hours and cashed out fifty bucks to the good. Subtract out the cost of driving down and the buck I spent for a coke and it was a minimum wage kind of night.

1 comment:

Drizztdj said...

Ah, but you got entertainment value from playing live.

Drop me a line if you're coming in a western direction this year in the fall.

I'll give you a minimum wage day on the links :)