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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Curious Timing

This weekend Stars has a giant WSOP main event satellite - I think it's 200 seats guaranteed - in place of the Sunday Million. That got me thinking.

Suppose I satellited in and then luckboxed my way to a seat. I still wouldn't be able to play the Main Event because (a) Stars can't buy people in directly, (b) cashout is a bit of an issue at the moment from what I read on the tubes, and (c) I don't have a spare 10k sitting around while I wait for some sort of cashout to happen.

Over/under on the number of those 200 seat winners who actually play the main event? 12?

Intentional timing by the government, tying up funds at a time when lots of players would be looking to withdraw?


Pokerwolf said...

There is never anything spontaneous or unaccounted for when the Feds raid something.

The timing was definitely deliberate.

jjok said...

deliberate indeed. However I think you'll see enough main eventers including alotta those 200. wire transfers working well from what I hear.