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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Fear Improvement

Nothing much to see here. Lots going on in the poker blogosphere, just not anywhere near this space.

I worked in an hour or so of PLO this weekend, winding down from a long day of not doing very much. I was inspired by the presence of my favorite FTP uberfish superfish fish "red pro" (and a recently swollen playchip bankroll) and sat at a higher level than I have in quite some time.

To my surprise, the "pro" appeared to have improved their game and left the table a solid winner, at least for the time I was sitting. I hope this was an aberration - I would hate to have to take them off my fish list.

Anyway, nothing eventful happened. I dropped just about one round of blinds after a card-dead session. Back to more modest limits I go.


The last month of the BBT4 is underway. Tournaments continue every Sunday through Wednesday with opportunities galore to win your way to the WSOP. Visit Al, who is the man, for all your BBT4 details. I swear they're there, you just have to look past the excellent photos.

1 comment:

Dr. Pauly said...

Hmmmmm.... was the pro one of those Germndonks?