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Friday, February 13, 2009

Stars and Shorts

For kicks, I played some on Stars last night. If I played for real money (which of course I don't), it would have been that uber-challenging game known as NL2. You've probably read about the big 25 billionth hand promotion - lots of giveaways, including cash every million hands.

I managed to get up to 12 tables, which I think is probably the most I've ever played. A very interesting experience. It was manageable, but barely - a lot of people left the tables after each milestone was hit, resulting in whiz-bang shorthanded play. I think I'll hear the "hey, it's your turn, dummy" sound in my sleep all weekend. I don't know how the people that play 24 tables do it.

It was worth it, though, as people at this level suck even more than I do. My play chip bankroll got about a 30% boost. I'll probably be trying again this weekend looking for the big one.

Stars also has a fantastic reload going - 25% up to $250, 20x playthru to clear. If I played for real money, could figure out a deposit method that worked and actually had the money to do it, I would be all over that. One of the better reloads I've seen in a while.

Speaking of "if onlys", I got an email from one of my local charity poker rooms. They were touting some improvements, one of which was a plan to have a steady $2/$5 NL game running - with a $4 max rake! If I were rolled, I'd be there, since I'm confident I can predict half the people who'd sit and they're um lousy. They also bumped tourney payouts to 90%, which is better than anything this side of online. Nice job guys.


BamBam said...

Have you got cash on Tilt that could be transferred fo Star bucks?

BamBam said...

never mind!

I just realized what I was saying. Carry on.... nothing to see here!