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Monday, December 29, 2008

The Sixteenth Day of Christmas

The holidays go on. I picked up some nice gifts from the folks at Fantasy Sports Live and extra cash by winning my fantasy football league. No more about that here, I'm trying really hard to keep that stuff contained to my FSL blog. Let's just say that I'll be sad when football season ends and I have to go back to playing (ugh) poker.


Not everybody had such a swell Christmas. Stop over to VinNay's blog and read about a good friend of his who had his house burn down. A relief effort is underway and if you're so inclined, click through and ship a couple bucks to help out.


I played a bunch of PLO over the weekend, inspired by FTP's triple points promotion. After doing so, I'm not sure why I bothered. It's the same old thing - if I have a draw it doesn't get there and every damned time I have the nut flush or straight someone ships their chips in behind on fourth street and boats up in the end. Every time. It's just ridiculous.

Stupid poker.

Anyway, with the new year coming up and exactly zero desire to go out - what's that term, amateur night? - I will probably stay home. If I stay home, I will probably fritter away the tournament ticket and Step 3 ticket I acquired in the Stars Blogger Championship. That should be good for at least twenty minutes of entertainment before I do something dumb.

I also had a cartoon idea for the first time in a while, so I'll be firing up MSPaint. Poker and bad doodles, two great ways to waste boatloads of time!

1 comment:

VinNay said...

Thanks much for the linkage and donation. It is much appreciated. All my friends have been shocked by the generosity of the bloggers giving to someone they don't even know.

I owe you one.