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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Post Holiday Post

I think it's generally accepted amongst those who play that poker is a game of skill and not a gambling game.


Just like anything else, you can turn poker into a gambling game.

I visited a home game last night. The host prefers tournament style play, so he set us up with that. With the chips allocated, everyone had an initial "M" of 8. Twelve minute levels. Yeah, you read that right. After about four hands everyone was in push or fold mode.

We ended up playing three of these. I donated each time, as I never came close to hitting a hand.

This post brought to you by beer, the beverage that makes you forget that you suck at poker.

1 comment:

Lieutenant Raymond E. Foster, LAPD (ret.), MPA said...

There is no question that good poker
players are skilled.  And, that even the poor and mediocre get lucky. 
But, boy - what beats skill and a little bit of luck.  On the other hand,
presuming the cards are dealt fairly, which means randomly, and since games like
Hold 'em are multiple hand games, each player has an equal opportunity to
receive "lucky" cards. I think that the random and presumably equal distribution
of "luck" minimizes its impact at the table.  That's the way it would look
on paper, but not feel at the table.