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Monday, November 10, 2008

Get Your Ng On

The Bodonkey is back again tomorrow night, with special guest participant Evelyn Ng. Knock her out and get T$109. All the details are available at the Bodblog.

EDIT: Smokkee correctly points out that Ng is playing in Thursday's event, not Tuesday's. Oops. It's still worth playing and if I can remain off life tilt long enough I'll be there.

No poker for me this weekend after the Friday night dollar donkament. I enjoyed a little cheap rebuy therapy and reached the final table but busted out before the money. It was much needed after a bad day that included getting underbid on a contract.

The time I'm not spending playing poker is being consumed by playing at Fantasy Sports Live. In accordance with blogger rule #72, all fantasy sports related posts are being contained so there will be no risk of cross-contamination.

1 comment:

$mokkee said...

FYI- Evy is playing on Thursday night not Tue. thx for the pimpage.