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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Two Can Play At That Game (More If Needed)

Al Can't Hang is a tease. You know it, I know it, he knows it. Hinting around at events being planned for the WPBT Winter Fiesta (that's December 12-14 bitches) but not giving up details. Bastard.

Two can play at that game. Hey Al, do you have one of THESE?

Uh, well, you should. That's all.

I'm just sayin'.


Speaking of games, I'm thrilled to be named by CK to the Real Football Fan Committee, tasked to play a part in the determination of whether one Dawn Summers is a real football fan or a hopeless, pathetic, front-running Yankee fan bandwagoneer who probably hates America.

Who knew that just showing up early could get you such an honored position?

Of course this means that I have to actually be awake during NFL Sunday, which proved to be more than I can handle the last time I was in town on that day. Stupid craps.


I got super bored today and entered my first ever NASCAR contest over at Fantasy Sports Live. I have never watched a NASCAR race in my life. Seriously. I think I've seen a couple laps on TV and I've driven by the Rockingham speedway a few times, but that's it.

How do you pick winners when you have no idea who anybody is? You go with guts. Oh, and you try to remember the names of the racers you've seen on the license plate holders of the local rednecks.

Yeah, I'm not expecting a return on that dollar. And not so much on the one I invested in a hockey contest, either.
But if I win, it's all skill baby.


BigPirate said...

You're running so good at FSL you don't have to know who the drivers are.

I'd pick a Johnson though if I was you.

Buffalo66 said...

Dick Trickle FTW!

Qualifying was rained out so you made your money back.

BWoP said...

Well, you did a great job at showing up in my comments section, so I have no doubt that you'll be ready to go on Sunday!