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Monday, October 06, 2008

Sixteen Tons

(alt. hed: Uribe '08 / '10)

Another day older and deeper ... it's Monday again.

Another poker-free weekend.

Instead of pokering I hit the golf course, puttered around the house and had a fantastic Sunday on Fantasy Sports Live (insert obligatory mention of bonus code BONDS for the best signup bonus duh). Four out of five cashes, bubbled in the other. And that's despite Tomlinson having a lousy week while appearing on pretty much all my rosters. Suck it, Chunky Soup, your lean protein let us down.

Another win pending in my regular fantasy league as well - unless Peterson goes beyond wild for the Vikings tonight, the worst fantasy football team in recorded history will improve to 2-3. Srsly. Worst ever. I started my second defense as my flex player this week, how sad is that?

Yeah, yeah. Not poker related. I should get make a Fantasy Sports Live blog. Maybe.

It's also a good thing I don't have cable. I was house sitting as well and faced the difficult decision last night of whether to watch football highlights, a college game, a showing of "Mean Girls" or something else.

Anyhow, you have your usual assortment of blogger fun and games this week. Pick any day other than Sunday and there'll be something out there. Best chance for me to play will be the M00kie on Wednesday. If I'm smart, though, I won't play unless I get my home office rejiggered - a stupid (but probably valid) reason for my tilty MTT play of late is that my ass gets tired of sitting on the uncomfortable chair I've been using.

Wait, what was that? Too much information? Moving on ...

Going completely off topic, I would like to give a ceremonial kick in the balls (or in the ovaries, whichever applies) to whomever it was at the Associated Press that decided that "Shakira Endorses Obama" was newsworthy. The Free Press was so pumped about it that they linked the story twice and ran much of the text on the front web page. Idiots. Maybe tomorrow they'll solicit endorsements from Gerard Depardieu, Mr. Bean and some Japanese guy who does crazy TV commercials, since it's obvious that the rest of the world should tell us who we should vote for.

Just over a month and our airwaves will be restored to their otherwise pristine (if stupid advertising filled) state. It can't get here fast enough. I'm me and I approved this goddamned message.

1 comment:

BigPirate said...

I am waiting for the Charo endorsement to come out. At least she has a vote.