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Monday, September 22, 2008


I think there's some kind of irony in booking a cheap ass plane ticket on a day when oil prices go through the roof. That's the good kind of irony, not the whole rain on your wedding day type. And yes, I know that's not technically ironic. Shut it.

Bottom line, I'm going to Vegas. Getting in Friday morning 12/12, leaving Monday 12/15. Ticket is purchased. I am NOT missing another damned NFL Sunday. Any work stuff is getting bumped and that is ALL there is to it. United Airlines better not go f-ing broke before then. I don't care if Google has messed with my usual funding sources and I end up drinking instead of gambling. It's ON.

Confidential to The Venetian: It'd be okay to send along some marketing offers that don't end in October. Really. Same goes for you, IP.

And now for srs bsns. I kind of feel like I should try and help organize things if there is a desire to have a tournament or any other organized activity, but ... (a) I don't get enough traffic to run a poll to see if people have an interest, and (b) I dunno if I should really be in charge of anything, since I never seem to have spare time, don't have any connections, etc etc. Perhaps the issue of whether there should be a tournament will be discussed amongst the bloggerati attending the Bash this weekend? Or maybe someone with a more trafficked blog could put up a poll or something. And if someone volunteered and I just missed it, plz to be pointing me their way k thx.

Incidentally, if there is a golf event, I better be getting in early enough to participate.


Pokerwolf said...


See you in December!

Drizztdj said...

Never miss NFL Sunday, because its followed by Sunday night at the Craps table.

Bonus: if the Vikes lose to the Packers again, I'll probably be wearing a Packer Tu-Tu