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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

[O/T] Enough

I wasted about 45 minutes sitting in the waiting room at a doctor's office yesterday. They had a TV going, all election-related coverage on CNN. One of the half-deaf geezers who was waiting decided to interact with the screen, offering her best political commentary until her companion told her to shut up. The most readable magazine - everything else was Woman's Day etc - was a recent Newsweek, which was 99% about the election. Election, election, election.

JFC, we have to put up with two more months of this?

I think my blood pressure was 10 points higher than last time, solely because of that time spent waiting.

I feel lucky that I've been spared most of the campaign nonsense to date. I only watch football and not much of that - which means I've seen few TV ads. I haven't noticed any ads on the radio. I avoid politics forums and coffee shops. I'm even boycotting Panera Bread.

Still not enough.

Next thing to go, regrettably, is going to be blogs. Sorry friends if I stop reading you for a couple months - I just don't enjoy this shit. Obamatards, Bidiots, McCaniacs and Palinistas all suck. Pretty much equally (although Obamatards are slightly more annoying, since they tend to be more evangelical/irrational {take your pick of word} and I probably know more of them). Actually I should include Ron Paul fans and the six people who will vote for Nader, but whatever.

If I've just insulted you, I apologize. It's nothing personal, it's just politics.

I'm so glad that December won't be sullied by election talk. That would really suck.


BigPirate said...

Isn't there a Bacon Blog we can enjoy for the next few months until the election (and appeals) run thier course?

DuggleBogey said...

Actually, I'm more insulted that my candidate, Bob Barr (Barrtard?) wasn't included.

on_thg said...


Bacon does make everything better.

2. Um, I think that makes you a Barrista, DB. I'd like a tall americano to go plz k thx.

Actually, since I already used -ista, change that to Barrister. And to that I say: OBJECTION!