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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Less Yeast, More Syrup


I did my part to support the Waffles economy. Despite the fact that said economy was a bubble based entirely on hot air, I chipped in the necessary funds to join the game. Sigh. As is usually the case, the investment went unrewarded - I finished 49th of 94. I think I had a total of four pocket pairs out of 140 hands (7s, 9s twice and QQ) and no ace bigger than a jackace. Of course the best hand got me into the most trouble - I pushed my less than 2500 chips in on it, got a call and then an overshove from AlCantHang who was on my right and in the big blind. KK for Al held up and I was off to sleep. Congratulations to April for her WIN (she plays poker? who knew?). GG Waffles, thanks for the entertainment.

As long as I was wasting time, I figured I might as well play some deep PLO. Played badly. Good thing it was nanostakes - I'd grade my play out as a about an F-minus. It doesn't help that the FTP random number generator hates me, but I can't blame it if it was busy making out with someone hotter.

The Lions fired Matt Millen. I thought that day would never come. Now if they would just fire everyone else involved - the coaching staff, the players, all of them - and start over from scratch, they might someday win 8 games.

I'm gearing up for a big weekend over at Fantasy Sports Live (wait I haven't mentioned bonus code BONDS in about three days). I need to beat Pauly this week to reach the tournament of champeens in the Sundays with Dr. Pauly competition. I luckboxed my way to a win in the Blogger Battle last week so I'm in that TOC already. Both competitions have some really sweet bonus cash added and it's defnitely not too late to join in if you think you have any clue about fantasy sports ... or if you just want to have some legal fun competing with your invisible internet pals.

Speaking of FSL, I do know that I haven't been playing all that many contests - not like, say Buffalo66, who positively owned people last Sunday. 75% winners. Very impressive.

Skipping back to poker for a moment, I read with some interest (but little attention span) the posts by Hoy and Blinders on chip utility (Snyder vs Harrington). I definitely did see some of Hoy's criticisms of Harrington in my own play. I plan to spend some time trying to digest both sides - I suspect there is some truth to both - and can't really comment on who's right. What I do know is that I need to come up with a better approach to how I manage my stack - when I'm card dead for a long time like I have been in the last two M00kies, I tend to wait too long before taking a shot. I just don't run good enough - at coin flips or even with dominating hands - to let my stack stagnate. I guess I need to let out the leash on my inner tard, even if that means 3-betting with K8s from time to time. (*shudder*)

Probably not much play the rest of the week. The weather is too good, winter is coming and oh, yeah, it's still football season.

Change of subject: Advertising. When did the people that write advertising copy just stop trying? Every ad I listen to on the radio now uses the same forumla. Everything is now a limited time offer. Even stuff which obviously isn't, like the services of a debt relief agency - what are they going to do, go out of business in a month? Everyone always has a secret plan which they'll reveal if you call the toll free number - I'm looking at you, John Camuto. Everything is always free except it really isn't - suck it The same stuff, over and over again. It's like the copywriters are absolutely certain that people are idiots.

Oh, wait.

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Anyway, last and pretty much least, a very much non-poker related column from the Detroit News: Rest of the country becoming Detroitified. Yep.

Kwame in 2012.

1 comment:

Buffalo66 said...

You failed to mention that you beat me last week. Humble pie was served.

I tied Pauly's score in week 2, but beat him the other weeks. Why do I have the feeling that I'll be chasing the dragon on both TOC's?

I was going to suggest Matt Millen run for mayor, but the thought of Marv Levy running Buffalo makes me shudder.