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Thursday, August 14, 2008

[Semi O/T] Bring Back TWA

I'm in work avoidance mode at the moment, so I've been busy trying to find a flight to Las Vegas for the WPBT Winter Classic*. I think I've found one, on Delta. I don't think I've ever flown Delta before, what with living in the NWA monopoly zone and all. Flying Delta, of course, means flying through either Cincinnati or Atlanta - flying east and south in order to go west (and, uh, south). No airlines around here with a nice hub in, say, St. Louis, to break up the agony of a four hour flight crammed into a coach seat. RIP, TWA (ehh not so much).

My first option will be to call up the nearly bankrupt airline that I have a free ticket coupon for and see if they'll let me use it a few days beyond a year. I doubt they will (thus the Delta plan) and even if they do it'd probably feel like russian roulette - will they stay in business long enough for me to get there and back? Then again, that's true of any airline. Stupid oil prices.

If I can't use my coupon to go to Vegas, I'll have to try and use it to take a mini-vacation trip sometime in the next couple of months. Probably Minnesota. But Philadelphia would be fun. Hmm, I wonder how much time I can take off here?

The funny thing - well, it's funny to me anyway - about the Delta schedule is that I'll end up getting in Thursday night, probably not getting a room until Friday, then checking out Sunday morning prior to the Sunday night redeye coming back. Basically no sleep 2 out of 4 nights.

You'd think I'd learn, but no -- saving like $200 is still > coming back fully alive.

I think it's probably for the best that I have almost four months to rest up.

No other poker content. I think I may have improved my home internet connection, but we'll see if it holds up to the challenge of online play chip poker. I might stop by the Riverchasers tonight. Maybe.

* Is it still the Winter Classic if there ends up being no tournament?


kurokitty said...

Wouldn't it be more likely that your Vegas trip would go through Delta's SLC hub?

Joaquin "The Rooster" Ochoa said...

See you there and remember...when The Rooster check raises you in Vegas...he has the nuts.

on_thg said...

Nay on SLC - no direct flights from here to there, all go through CVG or the ATL.

Also, I pretty much always assume that the Rooster has the nuts.