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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

In Which I Succeed, Sort Of, And Reveal Secret(s)

It is a beautiful thing to do nothing.
And then rest afterward.
-- Spanish "proverb", cited in a book I read this weekend


Another weekend has come and gone. By the time I get this up, some as yet unknown portion of the work week will also be over.

Yeah, that's right, my ISP took a dump again. At least this time they acknowledge that there is a problem. No timeline on fixing it, though. It's affecting work too, which really sucks. It would appear that I'm an internet addict. It's a problem.

On the poker front, I got in one decent session of about five hours on Saturday. It was your usual assortment of nits, gambloids and n00bs at the charity room.

Within the first hour, something happened that I have never experienced before. Seriously. I got dealt pocket aces - an exceptionally rare thing by itself - on back to back hands. Two in a row. Wow! I only won about twenty bucks total, but a win is a win is a win. And it shows that there is indeed a first time for everything.

After a while, we were joined by an African American gentleman who embarked on a ridiculous heater. He accumulated a stack mostly by betting huge amounts and getting folds, and then things went crazy. He played three consecutive hands blind. He told the table he was playing blind. He bet hard when faced with no resistance. Without looking. He ended up making top two, a set and top two (I think) and won something like $400-500 in five minutes. If his opponents had had any kind of stacks, he easily could have won two or three times that.

Live poker. So rigged.

Once Mr. Heater cooled off, I picked up most of a stack from him when I made a flush. It was a dubious decision to call on the flop with a super weak pair and a gutshot straight flush draw, but I got heads up and knew I'd get paid big if I hit. Turns out I was ahead the whole way.

The game broke and I changed tables later, finding a slightly tougher crew. I bled chips for a while and then dumped the rest of my gains by horribly misplaying AK. Got up and left with a $1 profit. Yes. Profit.

Good times.

My live game continues to be poor. I play way too many hands, especially out of position. I don't raise or three bet nearly enough. I'm loath to shove even in situations where it would clearly be a +EV move. I play a highly defensive, trapping style that is only successful - and marginally at that - because there are several players who just plain suck. It's weak poker and it would make anyone who knows the game ill if forced to watch it in action.

All I can do is try to improve a little bit at a time. In order to really make a leap, I'd have to play fearlessly. That will never happen. I don't have much of a bankroll - honestly, having held on to my initial buy in plus winnings over the last six weeks makes for the longest I've ever had any kind of segregated "bankroll". There are always better uses for whatever I've got. Bottom line, the money - at any stakes - will never be meaningless. Which is why I will never be much of a gambler or poker player.

I'm okay with that.

Then again, if I ever win the lottery, I'll probably turn into the biggest spewtard you've ever met. Be sure to watch this space just in case that happens.

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