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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

We Will Return After These Non-Commercial Messages

Okay, that's it. Not the last straw, certainly, but we're into the last box of straws. Time to take a few days off.

I should not have played the MATH last night. I was not in the right frame of mind to begin with and five minutes in I was actively pissed off. It's so very hard to play decently when you're on hyper-tilt.

After 45 minutes of spewmonkey "poker", I was down to 1,000 chips. Heffmike raised pot to 200-some chips, I shoved over the top. He called quickly, if not instantly.

I said - out loud - "how am I going to get f---ed THIS time?"

When two clubs came on the flop, my money would have been on runner-runner four flush.

Ace on the river works well, too. Good f---ing game.

The funny thing is that I actually did some thinking earlier yesterday about how to turn things around. I recalled some posts by people who have actually won recently, some of which have included mention of how infrequently they were all in. So I made a conscious decision not to be so quick to shove. And hey, I was faithful to that objective. I was all in once. As a 70/30 favorite. And I lost. So much for that strategy.

My new strategy for when I return - actually hit some flops or something, maybe suck out once.

Until then, enjoy your pokering. As much as I would like to play the Bodonkey - the tournament with the best damned structure in online poker - tonight I really really really shouldn't. I need to suffer in different ways - not poker related - for a while.

1 comment:

Buffalo66 said...

Take a break.

Diversification is the key.

Come play at FSL for awhile. More skill, less donkeyshines going on there.

It has treated me well when poker has not. Email me and I'll share some of my tips.