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Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I skimmed over the front page of this blog today and found myself thinking "man, what a bunch of crap". Not that this was ever the world's greatest read, but still. It's kind of sucked lately and I feel like I owe people an apology for wasting their time.

Some time ago I remember a reading a post about the death of the poker blog. Or maybe I'm mixing that up with a post that nicely described poker blogs as either about one's personal experiences or as newsy types the way Iggy used to be. Anyway, this blog is definitely in the experiential category and as I play less and have less time for all things poker the "quality" (such as it is) definitely suffers. I don't think its in a death spiral, but I could definitely use an overhaul.

Since I am as always short on time and can't come up with a monster post to relieve the sucking, here's something else -- a list of five "old school" poker blogs that I used to enjoy reading but which have gone the way of the dodo some animal that's still around but you never hear about. Consider them Milk Carton Kids of poker blogging...

5. Bazkar's Poker Voyage (last post 9/11/07). Chicago guy, used to post about trips to the boats.

4. Professional Poker Player Chris Halverson (last post 6/6/07, but really in 2006). Once the World of Warcraft virus infects you, you're a goner.

3. Fish Soup by SoxLover (last poker post 7/07). Having kids really changes your priorities, doesn't it?

2. Meek's PBR (last post 1/07). Bank roll AWOL?

1. Felicia (No poker content since 6/07 - understandable, of course, since she's had so many health problems). Whether you appreciated her brutal honesty or not, Felicia was always a great read.

This easily could have been a list of 10, 20 or even 30 names, but I'm going to leave it at five for now.


Drizztdj said...

Felicia hit me up with an IM over the weekend, glad to report she's still kickin :)

PokerShrink said...

Those of us who still labor in the Fields of Poker Blogging, lament our fallen fellow scribblers. I used to spend a day a week reading poker blogs for tips and tidbits; now I find so many crashed or simply morbund. I miss the banter and the insight of the hundreds of poker voices.