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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Middle Finger Salute

How sad is it when your finest poker achievement of the week was leading tonight's Riverchasers event for the first 15 minutes or so?

Wait. Don't answer that. Poker sucks.

It was pretty sweet to get AA on the first hand and have TOC-bound Tuscaloosa Johnny stack off with JJ on a ten high flop.

It was less sweet to run a flush into DMFQB twenty minutes later to fall back down to the starting stack.

It was not thrilling to see Bayne get AA or QQ every third hand.

It pretty much sucked ass to see a Q8Qxx hit the board when I successfully goaded Pirate Wes into shoving his AQ preflop into my AK.

It didn't really bother me that much when I shoved my crumbs with an open ended straight flush draw and missed.

I'm tired of this.

1 comment:

BigPirate said...

Bad play by me there. I was hoping you were trying to steal after all the limpers came along. Holding AQs in the BB, I figured you would fold if I pushed as you had less than 1/4 of your stack in. Of course, I was wrong and dominated.

Don't get sick of it yet.