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Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Fix

Another evening, another BBT3 failure. Out 42nd - which seems to be my usual placement - in the Mookie. After a hot start where I took out our host via set-over-set and then a flopped boat with 52s, things cooled off. In the second hour I kept getting squeezed and was forced to fold a few times - every time there was a showdown I would have lost the hand - until finally someone decided that pocket 7s were good enough to call my AKs push.

At least that was a standard departure. I got punked in the Bodonkey (out on the bubble in 15th). Twice I got hosed counterfeited on the river by the board double pairing.

Poker still sucks.


I'm not going to turn this into Guinness and Politics Lite or anything, but let me go there for a minute.

Detroit sucks.

It's a hole. The mayor has just been charged with about 1,000 felonies. People are fleeing the area three times faster than any other metro area in the country.

Detroit needs a change.

Detroit needs a drink. Or fifty.

Detroit needs someone "Tall. Dark. Handsome. [And a] Possible Mayoral Candidate."

Detroit needs the Bracelet.

That's right. Uncle Bracelet for Mayor after Kwame steps down.

First order of business: Non-secret party at the Manoogian Mansion.

I'm good for fifty bucks as soon as the exploratory committee is formed. I'll make it a hundred if there are promises that the campaign will use words like "huge", "endowed" and "masterful" as often as possible.

(p.s. - if residency is a concern, remember that you can buy a home in the city for as little as $12).


Tonight is the Riverchasers, 9:00 pm on FTP. Be there or be confused.


StB said...

Can I buy the whole block?

Drizztdj said...

Can he win without the Swedish vote though?

Uncle Bracelet said...

I was thinking I'd donate a substantial amount to Ikea to appease the dirty fucking Swedes.

With them out of the way I'd have a new $12 house and an easy path to office.