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Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I rushed through painting for this?

Bodonkey. 20th. At least I stacked Waffles early.

So I have a nice collection of chips early in hour 3. I get AA for the first time, on the button. I get a willing victim who three bet shoves with QQ. If my hand holds, I'm right up to the top of the leader board. Q on the turn, I miss ten outs on the river. Dammit. Back below average.

Get some of those chips back when AK miraculously holds against KJ. Same donkey. Nice call.

And busto with AQ vs AJ, again all in preflop. Different donkey. Nice call.

Three times the money goes in preflop when I'm good. Winning one out of three feels like par for the course right about now - unless you're talking Full Tilt, where one out of a thousand feels more like it.

The less said about the Skills series the better. 72nd. I didn't play well, but JFC does the flop always have to be JJ8 with none of my suit when I'm holding AAxx or AAxy double suited and x/y aren't a J, 8 or even a KQT or 9?

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DuggleBogey said...

Score! Did you get a rant?