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Saturday, February 09, 2008

My Hands Are Tired

Things are looking up a bit. Just a bit.

Fought through the agony and finished third in the Riverchasers: Stud Hi Edition on Thursday. Went out with a decent hand, jacks up by fifth street, but my opponent caught 34 to go with his 567 starter by fifth and I didn't boat up on sixth or seventh. Congrats to Drizz on chopping the win.

Played the Friday donkament and didn't have to rebuy as often as usual. Ended up finishing fifth. I wasn't exactly paying a lot of attention, as I had a couple cash tables and three other tournaments up at the same time. I went deep in a couple freerolls (but not deep enough). Still a good night.


Sometime during those sessions the lightbulb went on -- maybe I do better in tournaments when I'm not paying much attention. Sure, sometimes I donk out, but I think I avoid some of the moves that get me in trouble when I don't have time to, um, think.

Who cares if it's counter-intuitive, I'm going with it.

Saturdays with Dr. Pauly was accordingly accompanied by four tables of cash games. I finished clearing my FTP bonus - first one in a long time. I even won back a few bucks toward covering the beatdown from earlier in the week. I railed Hoy for a while as he was playing the FTOPS 6 max PLO event - I popped it up and he was seated at Table 1 with David Benyamine. I'm sure he'll have a post about the sick, sick hand that crippled him. It was definitely rantworthy.

Anyway, not paying attention worked well again today. I had a massive chip lead at the bubble but couldn't seal the deal, losing like four hands in a row to shorties. That cagey mofo, the original A-lister, the Rooster came back from like 943 chips at the final table to get heads up with me. He had a slight chip lead at that point, he played well, I played like ass. A string of about fifteen really wretched hands in a row didn't help, nor did the fact that I didn't sit out of my cash tables fast enough to focus on the heads up match. Oh well. I'll take the second. Well played, Joaquin.

About the only thing about the not paying attention strategy that sucks is the fact that I can't keep up with the chat - I was lucky to get in a 'gg' when someone busted. I think I saw some snarky comments about lawyers, but like I said, I wasn't paying attention. My apologies to anyone who I (unintentionally) ignored.

Full slate of events coming up again this week. As usual, I'll probably miss anything on Sunday, miss the MATH on Monday, play the Bodonkey and maybe the Skills Series on Tuesday, miss the Mookie on Wednesday, maybe play the Riverchasers on Thursday, probably play the Donkament on Friday and play Saturdays with Dr. Pauly on Saturday.

With that long run-on sentence, I give. Have a nice weekend.


Joaquin "The Rooster" Ochoa said...

The Rooster gives you respect for getting as far as you did. What happens to you in Vegas? Is it the bit stage and the bright lights that make you go card dead?

In any case, great playing with you and although I use to feel bad for you in Vegas for getting no traction in the tournament...Derek tells me you run hot in Vegas on other games.

In closing, see you this Sat.

Drizztdj said...

No more Stud tourneys.