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Friday, February 29, 2008

More Whining And Stuff

Trying to get a Tier II token for Sunday's Big Game has been extremely frustrating.

I took a variety of shots last night. Started with a single table satellite, using a Tier I token. Got donked by something retarded like losing a 70/30 and bubbled in 4th. Tried another. 5th. Tried a two table, no love. Fired up a few Tier Is to rack up some more tokens and a satellite for some T$. Nothing, nothing and nothing.

Not going well. Tilt setting in.

I recovered a bit by winning my last two Tier Is and then the donktitude started up again.

Played the dollar token frenzy. I trap one of the biggest mouth breathing morons ever. I have KK. Moron T3o, top pair no kicker. River 3 for two [censored] pair, there goes half plus of my formerly big stack.

Played the big token frenzy. Get down into the 40s with 30 tokens paid. I'm getting short and need a double. Right on cue, KK in the BB and a chance to double up. Against AKo, of [censored] course the first card off the deck is an ace. Dammit.

I've figured out my epitaph. When I bite it, please have the following carved on my headstone: "He could never win a hand when he needed to".

Stupid game.

So I also got into the Riverchasers event. Actually won with a few dominating hands and was sitting 2nd as the final table bubble approached. Yeah, like that's going to keep up. I lose a chunk with AQ when snakster decided to call off the rest of his chips with K8s and hits. The slide begins.

Down, down, down.

I really should have bubbled out - I was that short and getting J3o every hand wasn't helping - but CK ran into a minor cooler and busted on the bubble. So I got bottom cash instead, which I will admit did ease the sting of the evening's sucktitude just a bit.

I'm getting tilted all over again just thinking about this crap. Dollar donkament tonight and Saturdays with Dr. Pauly tomorrow.

Have a good weekend!

1 comment:

DuggleBogey said...

At $1 per, you owe me like $8.