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Friday, February 01, 2008

Five For Frying

Five o'clock, Friday. Huzzah!

Random list time!

Last five hands I busted out of poker tournaments with:
1. AKo
2. AKo
3. AKs
4. AA
5. T6s

Last five songs I listened to that are NOT available on Buddy Dank Radio:
1. Tegan and Sara - Back In Your Head
2. Blue October - Into The Ocean
3. Kasey Chambers & Paul Kelly - I Still Pray
4. Royal Crown Revue - Barflies At The Beach
5. The Fixx - Secret Separation

Five hot topics in poker that I really don't care about:
1. Brandi Hawbaker
2. Absolute Poker cheating scandal (sorry)
3. The PPA being completely ineffective
4. Dutch Boyd (may no longer be a 'hot topic')
5. People being tools in chat during bloggaments

Five things I'd do if I could go back and do the last 20 years over again:
1. Learn Spanish
2. Save up money so that I could travel more
3. Quit drinking Coca Cola
4. Get my eyes fixed (Lasik)
5. Um, I can think of a few things that really aren't blog-appropriate for this one
Not mentioned: Stuff like "buy stock in Microsoft" that are entirely obvious.

Five fabulous timewasters that have destroyed workplace discovery this week:
1. The FAIL blog (H/T Tripjax)
2. Following college football recruiting - national signing day is next week!
3. Pondering the latest format change - to be announced Monday - for my favorite local radio station (this is the fourth change in five years)
4. Buddy Dank Radio (not so much at work)
5. Trying to imagine a winning strategy for fantasy NASCAR at Fantasy Sports Live (bonus code BONDS ldo)
Not mentioned: Scrabulous - I've managed to avoid playing at work, though it's tempting.

I've spent five times as much time as expected. Time for a beer. Or five.

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