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Monday, February 11, 2008

A Dispatch From The Tundra

(alt. title: Idiocy Still Running Rampant, More At 11)

I've had enough of winter, thanks.

Disaster nearly struck last night. I returned home about 8:30 and couldn't unlock my door. Considering that it was 2 degrees with a windchill of minus 20, that's not good.

At least I immediately knew what had happened. I have a lock set in the doorknob, and the knob was a little loose. So I tightened it yesterday. I had even tested it and it worked OK. Apparently my testing was defective, because I was unable to turn the key to unlock.

I trudged through the snow to try the other doors. No luck figuring them out in the dark.

Back to the main entrance. Because I knew what was causing the problem, I was able to eventually get just enough looseness to allow the key to click over to unlock. Disaster - and I consider spending the night at the office or at someone else's house disaster - avoided.

Obviously the first thing I did was to fish out the screwdriver and re-loosen the stupid knob. I'll run the risk of having it fall off - I've overcome that obstacle with this stupid door too - at least until spring.


Nothing additional happening on the poker front. After I defrosted I sat down in front of the computer and noticed that while the internet in general wasn't working (stupid DNS server), I didn't have any problem logging in to Full Tilt. I railed the active FTOPS events for a couple minutes, then decided to go offline and get caught up on some reading.

Once I get home tonight I may post a couple of hands from the FTOPS. Like I said, I only watched for a few minutes. That was long enough to say "wait, this is a $322 buyin tournament?!?" at least twice. I've seen better play in $1 SnGs. Hell, I've seen better play in freerolls. Sheesh.

If I get really bored later I might try and token satellite my way into the MATH. I kind of doubt it, though.


DuggleBogey said...

Replacing a door knob takes less than 10 minutes and $20. I'd give that some thought before the loose one I had broke off.

Easy Peasy Japaneesy.

on_thg said...

This actually is a replacement - the previous one broke off unexpectedly this summer.

And by broke off I mean the two halves pulled apart thanks to what I must assume was the failure of a high quality Chinese machine screw.

I could probably spend an hour or so removing all the guts and figuring out why a tight fit interferes with key rotation, but I don't think I'm that ambitious.