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Monday, January 07, 2008

Fantasy Sports Live - I'm On Board

A brief timeout for this special commercial moment ...

If you're not a 100% poker-holic, you might be a fan of fantasy sports. I am. During the football season I've been playing over at Fantasy Sports Live. It's a blast picking a new team each day, and I have to say I had a pretty good run.

There are other sports as well -- currently I'm trying to learn the NBA. I'm not there yet, so it's a good thing that contests start at $1. Hockey is offline for the moment, but it's likely to return at some point. Starting in February: Fantasy NASCAR. Coming back in the spring is fantasy baseball. Get the picture?

You know, if they find a way to offer fantasy golf, I might just quit poker all together and spend all my free time studying stats.

Anyway, since I've enjoyed playing over at FSL so much, I figured I might as well join up and help promote the site.

If you haven't checked out Fantasy Sports Live, use bonus code BONDS and receive an enhanced (ed. note: Hey! a steroid joke!) signup bonus: a $10 instant bonus on a deposit of $50, a $20 instant bonus on $100, or a $30 instant bonus on a $200 initial deposit.

Why should you use bonus code BONDS, you ask? Good question! It's simple, really - you get a better deal. Free money. The "standard" signup bonus without bonus code bonds is $10 on a $100 deposit. Use the code and get a bigger bonus. If you can find a better offer I'd sure like to hear about it.

Basically, the bonus money lets you freeroll your way through a few contests while you decide if you like the site. If it's not for you, cash out. Easy.

Speaking of cashing out (and cashing in) - one of the best things about Fantasy Sports Live is the easy transactions. You can use your Visa, Mastercard, American Express card or - get this - Pay Pal account to deposit. When you're ready cash out, the money is back to you in a flash. I cashed out some money this morning and it was in my PayPal account in about a half hour.

One more thing. I'm not giving out legal advice, but check it out: The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act specifically says that fantasy sports are okay - they are not gambling. This fits with court decisions saying that fantasy sports are a game of skill. Be sure to check your local laws and the Fantasy Sports Live terms and conditions before signing up - there are a few states that won't allow you to play, which FSL has tried to identify. Players from Canada are welcome, too, eh, unless you're from Quebec.

Fantasy Sports Live. Fun. User Friendly. Free Deposit Bonus. Do I need to say more?

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1 comment:

Chipper (Dave) said...

It's about time you got your own affiliate code for FSL. I agree, FSL is a lot of fun. I doubled my deposit money there during the Football season. Looking forward to the baseball season.