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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Avoiding The '-itis

I've been thinking lately about the weaknesses in the my game and what I should do about them. One that I keep coming back to is an unfortunate tendency to succumb to "awwfukkit-itis".

I think you know the situation I am referring to. You reach a point in a cash game or a tournament where your stack is getting low. It may be late. You may be tired. It could just be frustration. And then you're faced with a marginal decision - like whether to shove ATs UTG or to call what looks suspiciously like a river value bet even when you're pretty confident that you're beat - and you just act on reflex. The '-itis usually costs you whatever you have left on the table.

This condition is not limited to any particular kind of game. During the December trip to Las Vegas, I experienced the '-itis' at a $2/$4 limit table, getting my last chips in with no hand. There was no reason to walk away more than half a rack down - instead I dropped two.

I don't think "awwfukkit-itis" is entirely curable, but something I hope to achieve this year is to move the point where it feels like redemption is no longer possible. If it's a $100 cash game, work to make sure that the '-itis doesn't set in when I still have $47 in my stack. Or $37, $27 or $17 for that matter. Either stand up or rebuy - throwing the rest away should not be an option. The longer I can hold off the problem, the more partial buyins I save. Simple.

An old subject, I know, but one for which I need a periodic reminder.


And of course I forgot a few things. Tonight. The Bodonkey on Bodog at 9:05 ET. Blogger Skill Series - Pot Limit Omaha at 9:30 ET on Full Tilt. Tomorrow. Mookie. 10:00 ET on Full Tilt. I'm tempted, very very tempted, by tonight's events. It remains to be seen, however, if I'll be there - it will come down to just how willing I am to pay the price tomorrow.


Jestocost said...

I suffer from the same malady; both within the game and on a more macro level. The latter thinking goes along the lines of, "I only have $60 in my Stars account, but Awwfukkit, I'll play that $30 MTT."

If I could cure that, it might be an improvement.

BigPirate said...

Partial losses are much better than total losses. I might convince myself of that one day.