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Monday, December 03, 2007

Unplugged, But Not By Choice

Well, that was different.

I just spent a weekend sans internet. I had checked my email early on Saturday morning and then boom, I was kicked off. I tried reconnecting quite a few times, but as of my departure this morning it still wasn't back up. Stupid wifi. If it's not corrected by lunch, I'm going to have to call the company. I hate calling the company.

If you want to talk bad timing, this was it. The weather outside was frightful, with snow, ice, torrential rain, wind and 99 other reasons to just stay home. I would have been perfectly happy to curl up with a nice cash game or two, but no dice. So instead I watched football.

With the season winding down, I had to dash in to work yesterday to make my picks over at Fantasy Sports Live. I didn't have a good week - these things happen when you've got 20 minutes to pick your teams - but I had the right sleepers in my Speaker Special pool to end up with an overall net win of roughly an extra value meal, supersized. I'll take it.

I did not enjoy my experience with no internet. If I hadn't had a backup supplier, I wouldn't have made it. I was twitchy, irritable, obsessive. It might be time for rehab. Or live poker. Or something.

BTW, just a couple more days. The anticipation level has pretty much redlined for me. How you doin'?

1 comment:

StB said...

I hope my employer doesn't expect much for me over the next 3 days. I show up at the office physically, not mentally. I am too busy remembering to bet 6 to collect 7 at the craps table.