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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Sweet Hangover

I don't have too many words to fill up the little Blogger text box today.

Even though I'm rested and back in the work grind, at least a small corner of my head is still in Vegas mode. Loving the trip reports so far, hope to see a few more as people return and decompress.

I will say that I'm darned happy to have avoided the dreaded Vegas bird flu. So far anyway mass consumption of greyhounds has proved sufficient to ward off the crud that accompanies too much action and too much recycled airline air. Here's hoping that those of you who weren't so lucky get better soon.

Thinking about the weekend, I did find a small regret or two, the primary one being that I didn't have nearly enough time to just hang out and chat. Even though I didn't really have too many plans, I still engaged in too much "me" time. Next time, I'll be sure to spend more of the trip mingling, despite the fact that doing so isn't really my style. There's too much value there.

I also did not engage in any craps, a fact which I'm finding hard to comprehend.

Anyhow, this is the last week of the BBT2 series. I'm skipping the Mookie tonight (tired), will probably play the Riverchasers tomorrow and am most unlikely to hit the Big Game on Sunday. Those are your three chances, go get 'em. I won't be going to Australia, but anyone who's seen me play won't be surprised by that.

Last night was the Bodonkey, where 32 runners showed up to battle for five paid spots plus five freerolls. I went out a miserable 12th when KTo proved to be worse than K9o. I run good.

With the holidays on the imminent horizon, I'm busy working on a set of goals for 2008, both poker and non-poker. I don't think the poker goals will be too complex - until the UIGEA goes away I'm not likely to play at anywhere near the rate I used to. But more on those as December winds down.

Good luck taking down those BBT2 events and I'm out.

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KajaPoker said...

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