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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Let's Do This

Why not. Donkey race. $10 buy in.

Pick 5 players (plus an alternate if desired). Changes allowed up to tourney start time. You don't have to pick yourself - heck, you don't even have to be playing.

If any of your players make the final table, you get points:

13 points for 1st
10 for 2nd
8 for 3rd
6 for 4th
5 for 5th
4 for 6th
3 for 7th
2 for 8th
1 for 9th
Highest total score wins.
Prize pool allocated depending on number of entries.
(edit: Under 8 entires, winner take all. 8-16 entries, 70%/30%, more entries more places pay)

Entries so far:

TEAM DRIZZ: Drizz, Uncle Bracelet, Otis, Joe Speaker, Gracie
TEAM BRACELET: on_thg, Johnny Hughes, Joe Speaker, StB, B.W.o.P. Alt: F-Train
TEAM ON_THG: Gracie, Biggestron, Fuel55, ScottMcM, The Rooster Alt: Mean Gene
TEAM GCOX25: GCox25, Jordan HOP, TripJax, Maudie, Duggle Alt: PokerPeaker
TEAM TRIPJAX: TripJax, BadBlood, Chad, VinNay, Sprstoner Alt: LJ
TEAM BIGGESTRON: Change100, DDionysus, Columbo, BuddyDonk, StatikKling Alt: Texas April
TEAM BWOP: LJ, Bayne, TripJax, Fuel, daddy Alt: F Train
TEAM FALSTAFF: Change100, Schecky, Fuel, Joe Speaker, Falstaff Alt: Miami Don
TEAM OTIS: Fuel, Miami Don, Bad Blood, Bayne, F Train Alt: Otis
TEAM KATITUDE: Gracie, Maudie, Dawn, Karol, Katitude Alt: LJ
TEAM STB: Bayne, StB, Bobby Bracelet, LJ, Daddy Alt: GCox25
TEAM KAJAGUGU: TripJax, Chad, Fuel 55, Otis, LJ Alt: Bayne
TEAM BAMBAM: Pebbles, Bam Bam, Bad Blood, Bayne, Dr. Pauly Alt: The Trooper97
TEAM FUEL: Fuel, Alan (Recess Rampage), Otis, LJ, Chad Alt: on_thg
TEAM MATTAZUMA: Mattazuma, Bayne, Columbo, Miami Don, Alan (RR) Alt: Dr. Pauly
TEAM CA APRIL: FTrain, Biggestron, Gracie, Irish Jim, CA April Alt: Bracelet
TEAM SPEAKER: Iggy, Al, TripJax, Bracelet, StB Alt: Joe Speaker

Sign up in the comments (by 5 AM ET Thursday - action/changes closed here at that point) or find me in Vegas.

I will collect cash in Vegas - or if you're not going, I would suggest a full tilt transfer.

I will also be looking for other prop bets.


GaryC said...

Okay, I'm in and I'm playing favorites, just cuz, that's how I roll.



Put me down on the list and please remind me to pay!

36 hours yo!


TripJax said...


~ TripJax
~ BadBlood
~ Chad
~ VinNay
~ Sprstoner

Alternate ~ LJ



Biggestron said...

DDionysus (Dave)
StatikKling (Brian)
Alt: Texas April

ckbluffer said...

Team BWoP:

LJ - she's my favorite horsie
Bayne - second favorite horsie
TripJax - I've watched him live before
Fuel - Oh Canada!
Daddy - 'cause F-Train says he's cool

Alt - F-Train

Falstaff said...

Let's try this one on for size

Schecky (John Caldwell)
Joe Speaker

Alt - Miami Don

Otis said...

In no particular order

1. Fuel
2. Miami Don
3. BadBlood
4. Bayne
5. F-Train
Alt. Otis

katitude said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
katitude said...

count me in! Here's my Team Estrogen:

1) Gracie
2) Maudie
3) Dawn
4) Karol
5) Me (hey I won Okie-Vegas, weirder things could happen)

Alt: LJ

StB said...

1. Bayne
2. Stb
3. Bobby Bracelet.
4. LJ
5. daddy

Alt. gCox

Is there extra for how much one drinks at the table???

KajaPoker said...

Ship it on FTP? How do you want your mobneys?

Team KajaGugu (in absentia):

1. TripJax
2. Chad
3. Fuel55
4. Otis
5. LJ

Alt: Bayne

BamBam said...

Team Bedrock :

1. Pebbles
2. Bam-Bam
3. BadBlood
4. Bayne
5. Dr. Pauly

Alt : The Trooper

Fuel55 said...

Team Fuel:

1) Fuel
2) Alan aka Recess Rampage
3) Otis
4) Lana aka PvanHaribo
5) Chad aka Cracknaces

Alternate fishcake: Mike aka on_thg

I'll pay you in Vegas prior to the tourney start.

Mattazuma said...

I'm in.

Miami Don
Recess Rampage

Alt: Dr. Pauly

California April said...

1. F-train
2. Biggestron
3. Gracie
4. Irish Jim (knocked me out last year)
5. Myself (I did come in 7th last year)
Alt: Bobby Bracelet

Joe Speaker said...

Team Most Hungover:

1. Iggy
2. Al
3. TripJax
4. Uncle Bracelet
5. stb

Alternate: Joe Speaker