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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Focus Lost

I too am experiencing the StB effect.

Physically, I'm here at work. Mentally, I've checked out. I'm gone. I know it's only Tuesday but in my mind I'm already in Las Vegas. Winning a huge slot jackpot. Eating a $0.99 shrimp cocktail. Checkraising a drunk cowboy with 52o. Enjoying a drink with invisible internet pals. Generally making an ass out of myself.

In 48 short hours I will be twiddling my thumbs in the Milwaukee airport, waiting impatiently for my flight. No, wait, make that 47 hours. Who's counting? I'm counting.


This should probably go on a more highly trafficked blog, but here's a question: Would there be any interest in a "horse race"/ bracket of sorts on the WPBT tournament? I don't think anyone's proposed one yet, so here's an idea:

Pick 5 players plus one alternate.** With 100+ entants, this shouldn't be hard.
If any of your players make the final table, you get points:
12 points for 1st
10 for 2nd
8 for 3rd
6 for 4th
5 for 5th
4 for 6th
3 for 7th
2 for 8th
1 for 9th
Highest total score wins.
Prize pool allocated depending on number of entries
Buyin? $10? $20?

** Alternate necessary to promote wagering on participants who might otherwise sleep through the tournament.

I think it'd be easier to do it this way than a regular Lucko-style horse race, if only because keeping track of where everyone busts out is a pain. It'd be kind of fun to do it Fantasy Sports Live style, too, where each participant has a point value and you "buy" a team, but that might be more trouble than it's worth.

If there is interest (and nobody else steps forward), I could see doing this.


Time to go pretend I'm really here.


StB said...

You flying Midwest? The 9am flight to Vegas? I will buy you a beer at the airport!

on_thg said...

I'm there.

Drizztdj said...

Give me the following:


I'll put up $10 now, can be upped to $20 once I down my first Cap'n Coke at the IP on Friday.

Uncle Bracelet said...

I'm in for ten or twenty, whatever.

I'll take:

Johnny Hughes
Ftrain's lass Bwop

And as an Alternate, Ftrain