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Monday, October 01, 2007

Memories, Not Always So Good

I was thinking about the old days* over the weekend. I noticed that this here blog had quietly reached the age of three - barely surviving the terrible twos - and it made me a bit nostalgic for back when I was just getting started in online poker.

* (the old days being way back in like 2004.)

In the beginning I found myself trying to build a bankroll on $10.00. I received the ten bucks free from Royal Vegas, a site on the Prima network. I'd play a few hands of $0.05-$0.10 limit at lunch. I'd play a few more in the evening. I was able to get in enough raked hands to earn entries into their daily $1,000 freeroll, which I eventually won.

Poker was fun.

At the beginning, I played a lot of freerolls and micro-buyin tournaments.

I found myself thinking "hey, why don't I do that anymore? It would make sense, seeing how hard the UIGEA has made it to deposit". And so I donked it up nanolimit style.


Kat's Friday Night event, the Al Can't Hang Memorial, was a good time, even though I finished in the middle of the pack. I knew right off that it was going to be my night - the very first hand our lovely hostess cracked my AA with K4o all in preflop. King four off? Ya rly! Despite that fine start, I had my stack up to almost 10,000 chips when I promptly ran KK into AA the hand before the break.


It's a good thing I made enough on my first hand at a cash game to cover all donkament losses and then some for the evening. The power of King-rag offsuit can be used for good as well as for evil.


I also got an invitation from a rakeback site I used to have an account with to play a freeroll Sunday on Pokerstars. I signed up, there were about 600 runners - a reasonable number - and I sat down to play.

The first hand I see - I was a few minutes late and had missed an orbit - is AKs. I get it all in preflop and lost to a runner-runner flush made by 62s. Down to about 400 chips.

I folded the second hand I saw.

The third hand, I pick up 66. I end up all in preflop against the same opponent, he's holding 63o. And he knocks me out by four flushing on the river. LOL Pokerstars.

Now I remember why I don't play freerolls and microbuyin tournaments.

Have a good week.

1 comment:

Grinder said...

The old days were awesome. Crypto was 60% flops even in 2/4 games - all the time.

There were even limit full ring games that were higher then 30% flops