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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I Will Not Be Paying You $1 For The Whining In This Post

I must be experiencing karma payback for thinking impure thoughts about someone at "work" today or something. It could also be the discovery that I actually had a couple dollars on bodog that were probably the result of doing something crazy, like betting on Michigan State and getting a late cover. I forget, it's been a while. Oh and wait, I don't bet on sports.

Anyway, I just bubbled out of the bodonkey. I built up a nice stack early and then lost half of it with AA v 88 all in preflop. Stuck around, was the shortstack with 7 BB left, shoved with JJ on the button over the top of a preflop raiser. Who calls. And I lose to 65s.

Two big hands. Two 80/20 favorites. Zero winners. Massive bottom payout (for an $11 tournament) opportunity whiffed.


I'm so sorry, poker gods. I'll bring a blindfold with me tomorrow so we don't have a repeat, k?


This was the first time I've played the bodonkey. I usually don't play on Tuesday nights, but work kept me busy too late to hit the golf course. I'll be looking to play it on a more regular basis (at least next week, who knows how long it'll go on) with the time change and resulting end of golf season, assuming that I can get some more funding onto the site.

I do think I'll be freerolling next week, thanks to T$11 kicked in by bodog. Thanks for that!

Note - this tournament has a GREAT structure. I can't emphasize this enough. Lots of play for the buyin. If bodog fixes their software (I haven't peeked at the beta yet), I'll be looking to spend more time over there.

Check out the bodonkey for yourself next week.


Coming up next:

Wed: Teh Mookie (may or may not play - late start)
Thu: Riverchasers (probably there)
Fri: Kat's Dollamenunaires Donkament (only probable due to lingering groin injury from last week)

A tournament for every night of the week. Except Saturday. Nobody wants to know what bloggers do on Saturday.

1 comment:

Steve said...

he's right you know, this tournement does have a fantastic structure although when playing online poker i do prefer the league structure. more continous if you know what i mean.