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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Happy 18th Birthday, Michelle Wie!

There are many things going on and there is nothing going on. Even when I have a lot to do, there are days like today when nothing gets done.


I'm leaving for Las Vegas in less than a week. Even though this will be an unusual trip - much golf, probably little to no gambling - I'm still looking forward to it. I enjoy playing scrambles even though I'm far from the ideal player for them. You want a guy who can bomb it or who has a dynamite short game (or both). I have neither. About the best I can hope for is to contribute a few iron shots and maybe luckbox a long putt or two.

I'd like to try and play some cards while in town, but I have no idea when I'd do it. Friday night is probably the most likely time slot. I checked out the schedule (at lasvegasvegas) for the Binion's and Caesar's Palace tourney series and neither looks like an option, so I might just donk it up in a cash game. Staying at the Rio, so my options will be a bit limited.


Seeing Stb's post on getting a room for the December WPBT event reminded me that I also need to book one. Wouldn't you know it, an offer from the IP came in the mail yesterday. I guess I'll be staying there, unless I stay next door at Harrah's. It kinda sucks that I have to pay for the weekend nights either place, but I guess that's what happens when the rodeo is in town. It's still pretty cheap.

Plane tickets are in hand. Tourney reservation is made (thanks Falstaff for setting it up). Anticipation level for donkeration and Pai-gow rising.


I haven't played a single hand this week, which is weird - I've spentwasted hours reading the 2+2 forums and generally goofing off online, so it's not like I couldn't have. I got home too late to play the Bodonkey on Tuesday, talked myself out of playing the Mookie on Wednesday (and then I stayed up relatively late anyway), crashed too early to play last night. I might be up for the dollar donkament on Full Tilt tonight, but we'll see. This weekend is the big Stars blogger event, so you know I'll be playing some then.

It's kind of funny that here I'm inspired to play more after reading about 2+2ers winning money, I'd like to build up a few dollars before cashing out money for December's WBPT event and yet I haven't played at all. I should also make a ceremonial last trip out to the track before it closes for good in a couple weeks (the poker games will find a new home, but I can't think of anyplace as convenient and amenity-filled as the track).


Fantasy Sports Live is proving to be pretty entertaining. I've been participating in the blogger fantasy football challenge and have second place finishes the last two weeks (after going 0 for the first 3). I'm now up $4 on the season, lol.

Looks like I'll be doubling down: Dr. Pauly has announced a series of football contests of his own - "Sundays With Dr. Pauly". Since I have the good Doc to thank for a copy of The Big Lebowski and Phil Gordon's Little Green Book - and occasional chances to view Bobby Bracelet's iPod - courtesy of his last (poker) event, yeah I'll be there.

Of course this means that I'll probably have to throw in a few more bucks to be sure I have enough on hand until I win three weeks in a row (ha ha ha), but since fantasy sports are 100% U.S. federal government (UIGEA) approved legal gambling, it'll be a piece of cake to do so.

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Dr. Pauly said...

Thanks for pimping!

StB said...

IP did not give you the weekend free as well? My offer was for 3 days including the weekend all comped.

on_thg said...

Nope. Just the first night, but the weekend rates weren't that bad.

Guess they didn't like me winning money at Paigow last time. Greedy bastards.