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Monday, September 24, 2007

The Contents of This Post Are 100% Artificial

Gotta go do some more work, so this is going to be short.

Poker has been sparse, but signs are pointing to an increase. I did play Kat's dollar donkament on Friday and finished a meh 9th. It was a cheap date, though, since I had almost no rebuys and missed the add on -- oops!

It's been summer-like here - it was 90 degrees when I left work today - so there was more golfing than pokering going on. I have a killer first half of the week at work, too. I'll get back into the game soon.

I'm scrambling a bit trying to get ready for the unexpected trip to Las Vegas in three weeks. There probably won't be much pokering or other gambooling involved, certainly not like there will be in December, but it'll still be fun.

I'm pleased to welcome a new sponsor -- Betwin-Poker. If you're looking for a new poker room, please be sure to check them out as well as the other fine sponsors listed to the right. I don't have any referral codes or anything to push, just be sure you get a deal. And if you're not already playing at the official site of this blog, Full Tilt Poker, well what are you waiting for? There are still plenty of mouth-breathing intarweb poker nubs out there for the fleecing.

(I really just wanted to be able to say 'mouth-breathing intarweb poker nubs'. <3 FTP.)

Also on the to-do list is a minor site redesign. I want to go to a 3 column format - which I have designed, I just need to port over some of the hard coded edits I made way back when before the "new" Blogger. I also need to do some major work on the blogroll. BTW, if I'm missing you, the comments would be a good place to point out how much I suck at teh intranet.

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Yeah clean it up

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