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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Blame The Hour

Is it September already? Wow.

Our friends over at Full Tilt Poker have a little promotion running this week:

Every day from September 1st through September 7th, earn a minimum of seven Full Tilt Points playing in any of our ring games, Sit & Gos, or Multi-Table Tournaments. Once you've earned your points, you'll be entered into a daily drawing where 77 lucky players will win $77 in cold, hard cash.

In addition to the cash prizes, we'll be giving one player a grand prize from our Full Tilt Poker Store each day. Grand prizes range from iPods to a custom Full Tilt Poker jersey, so this is the perfect time to press your luck.

To participate in this giveaway, starting September 1st all you have to do is click on the "My Promotions" button in the game Cashier. From there, register by clicking on the "Lucky 7s" link. You will need to register each day in order to be eligible to win the free cash and prizes.

How hard is it to earn 7 Full Tilt Points? Um, not very. Even if you suck at poker like I do it shouldn't require too much donating to qualify. Just remember to "opt in" each day before you go and get your points.

End of lucid, relevant content.


It was a beautiful weekend here. I really didn't do much of anything other than hit the links for some bad golf. Played a few hands yesterday to do the FTP promo and dumped a few BBs playing limit when I couldn't convince a donk to release his jackace.


Thanks to work my internal clock is kinda off right now. I thought about posting bright and early on Saturday morning, but that post would have just been a compilation of all of the brilliant insights I'd had since I woke up at 3:15. Oh what the heck, here are a few. They're pretty stupid:
1. Wow it's dark.

2. One of the things I've learned this morning is that my carpet rolls surprisingly well. I may have to dig out one of those electric ball returners -- I can practice putting without leaving the house. Maybe I should get a windmill and a clown's mouth for the living room.

3. Has anyone ever independently studied what an optimal tax rate would be if the U.S. gov't would ever decide that they should legalize and tax online gaming, particularly poker? I guess I define 'optimal' in this case as a rate which raises maximum revenue -- if it's too high, the games dry up and the gov't gets less money. If it's too low, they don't get "enough" (which would of course be okay with me, but really when does that ever happen?).

{I have a long post in my head about how the government could implement taxation of online poker, but I'll probably never get around to writing it up.}

4. That 'early bird gets the worm' crap is overrated. Mornings are for sleep.

5. My bloglines subscriptions are really messed up. I see some posts dozens of times, while other sites don't seem to update at all. I should really do one of two things - either straighten them all out or switch to some other reader.

6. I'd estimate that I've saved about 244 hours over the last couple years by not having cable and therefore not watching poker on TV. I'd also estimate that I've wasted 550 more hours online, resulting in a net increase in time wasted.

7. I feel bad for people laboring on Labor Day. It's a holiday for white collar and more organized blue collar types, but the folks who populate the basic service industries - your restaurants, gas stations, hospitals etc. - still have to work.

8. Only three more months until Las Vegas.

9. It's only a matter of time until someone punches Daniel Negreanu.

10. This is the best bacon egg and cheese biscuit I've ever had from McDonald's.

You were warned.


I'm looking forward to this being a short week. Lots of work to do, followed by a golf tournament this weekend. The following weekend I'm off to the land of 10,000,000,000 mosquitoes.

I probably won't be hitting up any of the tournaments this week, so good luck to all of y'all who will be hitting the Bodog blogger event, the Mookie and whatever else pops up.


TenMile said...

It looks like the Gov wants twenty-five percent on anything over 5K: No word if the Social Security tax is included in that at the 19% rate or not.

Drizztdj said...

McGriddle > Biscuit > Bagel at McDs

There's one right next to Canterbury in case breakfast is needed. IM me sometime this week to get the tee times down!