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Sunday, July 29, 2007

These Are Not The Bad Beats You Are Looking For

A couple more amusing examples of live 1/2 donk-on-donk violence involving Aces:

Hand 1: Tilty kid overraises to 20 or so from late position. Button repops to 50. The button player has been destroying the table by hitting on the river every single hand. Tilty kid pushes over the top for the rest of his buyin and draws the the proverbial instacall. Button has AA, kid has AQo.

Flop is all random rags. Turn Q, river Q, kid gets paid for about the dumbest move possible - he was a mere 99.7% to 0.3% dog on the flop.

Hand 2: Bored regular raises to 20 from middle position without looking at his hand. Folds around to the big blind, the button destroyer from the previous hand, who smooth calls.

Flop is A22. Big blind immediately bets enough to set the regular all in.

Regular finally looks at his hand, does a double take, and calls.

Regular has AA. BB has 32s. Unbelievably, the case 2 does not come and the blind aces hold.

I wasn't involved in either hand, so I don't owe you a dollar. Actually, I'm happy to still have some dollars left - I had the button destroyer on my left and by the time I left he was sitting on well over $1,000. He kept making the nuts with hands like A7s, T6s and 42o. By mostly folding a lot I ended up in positive territory, wiping out most of a tilty loss from my previous session.

The frustrating part of the last two sessions is that I was not able to take advantage of the serious donators. Session one featured an asian woman who blew through three buyins in less than two hours. I think I got maybe $20 of it when second pair, no kicker out of the big blind was good. Otherwise, I didn't have anything I could even consider going with. Session two had several of the Laotian crew playing fast and loose. Identifying who to tangle with is a part of the game that I feel like I'm learning.

Anyway, if I'm going to continue playing at the track, and so far it looks like I will, I need to really learn how to play NL cash. That plus improving my ability to observe and read the opposition would greatly improve my chances of beating the games.

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