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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Table Talk

Dealer: Looks like you sucked out on the river.
Donkey: That's what it's there for!


Utilizing my incredible powers of observation, I noticed last night that you really did NOT want to have aces.

The setting: A 1/2 "NL" game. Duh.

A guy at the other end of the table has aces. He limps in. Goes to war and gets all his money in on the turn on a Kxxx board. Opponent has KQ. River Q.

Half an hour later, aces guy from the previous hand has walked off the bad beat, re-bought and sat back down in the same seat. He limps in again. Flop comes jack high and he ends up getting all in again. He flips, obviously, aces. Opponent has J7s. Turn blank. River 7.

Okay ... you especially don't want aces if you're going to limp with them.

Later, I win my first pot of note with jacks on the button. SB has aces but doesn't push me out. I flop a set and river a full house to take monies from two victims.

Aces cracked 100% of the time. Some would call that standard.


Donkey 1: I have the nuts.
Donkey 1 flips over 87o for the rivered gutshot straight.
Donkey 2 studies his hand carefully and double checks the board, taking his time after just calling a $30 river bet.
Donkey 2: I guess I have the other nuts.
Donkey 2 flips over 87s.


For once I actually made a good decision. Stop the presses.

A couple of hours in, a kid with a huge stack that had to be at least $700 changed tables. He proved to be a very solid player -- he had no hesitation about firing pot-sized bets and sizable raises any time anyone showed weakness. I tangled with him once and had to insta-dump my unimproved hand. There were also a couple other good players that I was working to avoid. I was getting tired.

So I went home.

The end.


One of these days, they will get an Omaha game going. Last night they had a list for $1/$2 "NL" Omaha high. I think they had as many as 4 names on the list, but never the five or six needed to get it started.


Nothing much else happening. Hoping for a home game one of these days (hint hint). Lined up for 36 holes again on Saturday if it doesn't rain.


Drizztdj said...

No Limit Omaha high?

And I thought I hated money.

Ingoal said...

*lol* especially the 78o vs 78o hand *lol*