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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

On Urges

In the mail yesterday I received a glossy brochure from Harrah's. I'm not a huge fan of Harrah's, but I'll read most any Las Vegas related mail anyway. Turns out it was the quarterly mailing from Total Rewards, listing hotel rates for the next three months for players card holders.

First thought: Damn, there are a lot of days marked "free" and there are coupons (up front comps FTW!) for 2 free nights each month. I'd really like to do this.

Second thought: Now how the [censored] am I going to find the time to go in the next three months?

Unfortunately, the dates only run through November. If I had December dates (or an Imperial Palace promo), with cheap flights available on Allegiant I'd be booked already.

Then again, if I had more than 0 Total Rewards points this year, they'd probably be calling me to book.


I did satisfy my urge to vacation a bit by thinking about a Minnesota trip for early fall. Someone alert the Canterbury donkeys.


I continue to bleed away play chips online. Urge to play diminishing.


Getting ready for work this morning, I had the radio on the usual station. About 7:30, in the middle of a couple songs in a row, you could hear the "DJ" doing his voiceover work for the rest of the morning - mostly "live" traffic and weather updates. "It's 8:12, traffic is backed up [here and here]. It's 72 degrees, blah blah blah, here's a Prince song from umpteen years ago" ... "It's 9:58, so and so is in next, have a good day", etc.

Funny thing is, this is the second time this doofus has done the same thing, where you can hear him over the air, pre-recording his bits.

I was unable to suppress the urge to laugh.

I did, however, manage to get out the door long before the [censored] Prince song came on.


This being the final day of the WSOP, I'll probably find myself checking the updates often. My money (okay, not really), is on the Wrath of Khan, followed by the Vietnamese dude. Now that I've delivered the proverbial kiss of death to their chances, feel free to wager on the rest of the field.


Off to fight the urge to not work.


Wolverine Fan said...

A day at the Golf Course is like a day of vacation. That means I'm on vacation 3 or 4 times a week.

Drizztdj said...

If we play O8 at Canterbury, I guarantee that I'll recognize at least four people at the table.

They swarm in whenever the O8 game starts up and probably live there.