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Friday, July 13, 2007

Broken But Not Broke

The quest to satellite into one or more of the PokerStars WCOOP events has encountered a slight delay: I haven't been able to log on to Stars for the past week or so.

No hacking or anything, just that the program tries to update, crashes and spits out an error message. I've been swapping emails with support the last couple days and after trying a list of different things the latest solution is "uninstall and re-download".

I'll get right on that.


As a result, I've been hanging around at Full Tilt instead (NTTAWWT).

My usual haunts are still the micro limit play money PLO tables. Why, you ask? Good question. It must be masochism.

If I've learned one thing about Pot Limit Omaha, it's that it's a game of money management more than anything else - it's easier to go broke playing PLO than any other game, and to have a shot at winning you have to avoid that result.

Case in point: Earlier this week over a couple days I dropped two 'buyins'. Wednesday I dropped two more. Starting off last night, I dropped two more - 1 on a suckout, 1 where I was getting almost 4-1 preflop against some LAGtards with a very good hand, flopped a nut flush draw (plus my overpair of kings) and didn't get there. That's down 6 buyins. I made the two I dropped back, plus a quarter buyin more, before I shut it down. Tallying things up, I'm still ahead 3.5 or so buyins over 7 days.

I feel like I'm really living on the edge, bankroll wise. I don't have that many play chips in my account - only 16 buyins at my personal game of choice. I've had the equivalent of a 25 buyin downswing within recent memory (it wasn't that many because I was playing higher, it's 25 current buyins). Downswings are not entirely due to bad play. There are, legitimately, times when you get your money in as a 65, 75, 85% favorite and you still lose. Repeatedly.

I think that if I continue my recent trend of playing more regularly I'm going to stay down in limits for a while, until I have at least 30 buyins at my current level. It's still playing for crumbs (nobody gets too excited over play chip level poker, amirite?), but it's the right thing to do.


I also hit up the Mookie on Wednesday and, as usual, played like a complete retard for the first hour. Somehow I survived. I even survived the second hour, despite receiving the worst assortment of cards ever. Somewhere in there I laid a horrific beat on Bobby Bracelet - he flopped a set of 9s in the big blind and put all his chips in on the river which, sadly for him, was an ace which gave me a wheel with my Q3s. Small blind special. I went out somewhere in the third hour in like 20th place.

Which I think keeps me at 0-for-2007 in Mookie cashes. So good at this.


Neteller has issued press releases the last couple days, which of course say absolutely nothing other than "we're still working on it". It'd be nice to see people get their money back.


1 comment:

Wwonka said...

I was having the same problem with stars.

If you go and run the udate file in your stars directory it will fix the problem.