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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Brain Dump: Terror Level is Yellow, Stay Calm

A few random Tuesday morning observations for your annoyance:


Think positive: It might not be that long before Lindsay Lohan can make incredibly authentic women in prison movies!


It's been awhile since I've remembered to thank my sponsors. So ... thanks. It's great to have this site supported by outfits that I respect and use - I play at Full Tilt and have done & look for bonus offers when signing up for new sites through Poker Source Online, Launchpoker and Whichpoker - if there is ever a poker carveout from the UIGEA, I'd love to dive back in. I check those sites and for poker news as well - just today I noticed a report that a Danish court determined that poker is a game of skill.


I've already done a little price shopping for December airline tickets to Las Vegas. As usual, I'm presented with an assortment of options and will have a hard time choosing. Can you tell that I'm just a little obsessive-compulsive?

Allegiant is the cheapest, about half the cost of any other option, but it requires an hour and a half drive plus the flight times kinda suck - return at the crack of dawn on Sunday? Eww. All the majors fly out of the airport that's just under an hour away for the same (higher) price. For a few dollars more yet, I can fly Midwest out of the airport just up the road. Or, if I really want to get adventurous, I could drive to Detroit and for $40 less (if bought right away on sale) fly Spirit in one of their first-class-but-we-don't-call-it-first-class (no amenities) seats. I love the idea of extra legroom, a direct flight and their flight times are good, but I'm not so hot on the prospect of a three hour drive.

Anyone ever fly Spirit?


I've enjoyed the last couple sessions at the track and continue to be impressed by how decently run the operation is. It's not perfect, but a lot of the limitations are imposed by the Charitable Gaming Division, not by the outfit and charities operating the game.

I did find myself wondering last week, however, how on earth a UAW local qualified to put on a charitable gaming event.

It would also be nice if the operators would update their website a little quicker.


Still working on putting together a Minnesota trip - it's looking like the weekend of September 15 and 16 is most likely. A visit to Canterbury for some low-stakes live donkey-on-donkey action is almost guaranteed. If you're going to be around, the more the merrier.


With that, it's back to the lifesuck otherwise known as work.


Shelly said...

What are the December WPBT dates - do we know yet? :)

BG said...

Midwest also does the not-calling-it-first-class seating, AND you get free warm cookies.

(And are you kidding me? $250-$270 to fly out of MUSKEGON? Book it, book it immediately, if not sooner.)

Drizztdj said...

I should be in the state of Minnesota during those times in September.

And leaving on Sunday morning during the WPBT is crazy talk!

Sunday NFL viewing with the bloggers is a must attend function. Root against the Cowboys at all cost :)

on_thg said...

Thanks for the comment, BG -- I looked again and Midwest dropped their price by $75 since yesterday. I think I might just book today!

StB said...

Fly Midwest!!! It is the only way to fly. BG points out the benefits. You will not be disappointed.