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Monday, April 23, 2007

Just Some Odds 'n Ends

It's ESPN's loss but our gain: So Dr. Pauly isn't going to be covering the WSOP for ESPN after all. While I'm sure that's a financial bummer for him (depending on who else is hiring), it's great news for blog readers. Seriously. His coverage so far of the WPT Championship has been superb - you just have to get it from the Tao of Poker, PokerNews and LasVegasVegas.

I love Bloglines but I hate Bloglines: I'm one of those people who's dependent on Bloglines to keep up with dozens of poker blogs. I mean I click through when I have to (#$%^&*! Pokerworks), but I rely on Bloglines to tell me when something new needs to be read. Lately I've been seeing a lot of really old posts marked as new, which leads to wasted time. Also, Bloglines is not psychic, so when a feed stops working (hey, where did my subscription to Falstaff go?), it doesn't tell me.

It wasn't a one outer but it felt like it: Still playing infrequently, as in zero hands this weekend. My last session was a down one, including losing a "buyin" on this beauty:

I hold KJT7 on a board of K987 rainbow. The 7 hits on the turn and all the money goes in. The case 7 hits the river and I lose to KKxx.

This being a PLO bad beat story, it will earn you at most $1 in European currency.

Thinking about June: For some reason, Vegas fever hit hard today. I'm considering going out for the WPBT gathering, but probably won't unless I find a really good airfare. December is much more likely. Then again, if I happen to win a couple stacks at the track I might reconsider.

Still on that streak: Missed the WPBT event last night, keeping alive the string of missed blogger tournaments. This sucks.


AlCantHang said...

Those old posts you see popping up bloglines are when someone switches to the new version of blogger. I think recently they forced all the old outdated and the not-yet-switched over to the new blogger. Annoying.

Falstaff said...

Dude, I'm right there with you. I lost Chilly for two months and have lost Otis three times this year.

There's a feed published, I promise.