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Monday, April 30, 2007

Holy (Ex-)Unreadable Color Combinations Batman

EDIT, MAY 1, 4:15 ET: This post drew a response. Also, the color combination is much more legible now, so read away!

This won't surprise anyone: Some media types say watching live poker is incredibly boring. **
You know what? They might be right.

Anyway, I mostly just wanted to point out this observation:

But mostly I was baffled by why the audience -- about 400 people -- were so enthused. They sat there for hours watching...nothing. They had to follow on monitors and try to understand what the announcer said about chip counts and the like, the action was very slow and most of the hands involved people folding. I had the advantage of sitting behind a row of poker bloggers in the media booth so I could look over their shoulders and read how they explained the situations, but even they had no idea what sort of mental gymnastics these players were going through. (I was also stunned by how many poker bloggers there are, all largely writing the same thing, and how very respectful the World Poker Tour folks were of them. I doubt there's any activity where the media reps are even slightly as solicitous toward bloggers.)
The WPT smarter than the average bear? Could be.

** I would say click through and read it for yourself but be warned you might go temporarily blind.


TheStripPodcast.Com said...

hey! I just posted to see if other readers agree on your complaint about the colors. Thanks for taking note of it so I can fix it if it's really a problem for a lot of folks.

on_thg said...

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