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Friday, April 27, 2007

Blogger BBV

(That's beats, brags and variance, btw, in case you don't waste hours on 2+2)

BRAG: Not only played but WON a blogger donkament!




BEAT: There were only two players, me and Ingoal. Password issues kept the crowds away.

BEAT: Ingoal kinda surrendered.

VARIANCE: BuddyDank was signed up but bailed at the last minute.

Add to that one heck of a wild ride on the PLO play money tables tonight and it feels like old times. Kind of. Okay, not really.


Ingo said...


First of all: Congrats!

As for the "kinda surrendering": My 1337-hu-skillz were just not enough to overcome your soon as I realized that, there wasn't much point in rebuying I would like to reword your statement to "Ingoal was suddenly enlightened and opted to surrender." ;-) recap with a smile is live, too, enjoy and see you in the next one, hopefully with a few more players again...

katitude said...

oh man, I am so, so sorry. I'll make it up to you by donking at least two buyins to you next week!

Likely more.