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Friday, March 16, 2007

Free Money Woo

Full Tilt has a semi-publicized bonus right now -- you may or may not get a popup when you log on (I didn't). It doesn't show up on the promotions page (at least it didn't for me) ...

But if you open the client, look under the 'Requests' menu, you should find 'Check My Bonus Offer'. I got a lower tier offer - $50, no additional deposit required, clear by earning Full Tilt points. Some people on the forums have been getting offered up to $500.

Just when you think bonuses are dead, here comes the Tilt. Nice work peeps.

Too bad I don't play for money.


Irritable Male Syndrome said...

Thanks for the heads-up. For some effed up reason, I have a $300 bonus waiting for me. =]

Drizztdj said...

Chad plays too much, mine was $100 which will take some serious 3-5 tabling to finish since its only good for two weeks.

WindBreak247 said...

Thanks for posting about this. When I first opened the email I wondered if it was legit, but figured it was once I saw you had to open the FT client app and can only redeem it after logging in. Nonetheless, I was wary of completely free money.

Like Drizz says, though, with only 2 weeks to clear there's pretty much no way I'll clear even my measly $50 unless I start running a hell of a lot better and can move up. But maybe I can shoot for half of it.