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Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Okay, so today feels like the day they finally got around to wacking Saddam. You knew it was largely over when the UIGEA passed (Baghdad falling, or spider holes FTW), but Neteller waving the white flag will really rip the guts out of American participation in the global poker economy.

Neteller says no more deposits to or withdrawals from gambling sites, which they define to include poker. They're kind of ambiguous on whether you can withdraw by EFT to your bank account, but you can always pay them a fee and cash some money out via the Neteller ATM card ... at least for now.

Poll question time: If you (HYPOTHETICALLY YOU PURITANICAL ENFORCEMENT SOBs) had some modest amount of money on a site or two or three and could no longer withdraw it conveniently, would you:

A) Leave it there and try and gambooool it up to an amount that would actually make a difference, or

B) Withdraw now via some inconvenient method and eventually blow your ill-gotten gains on hookers and meth, or

C) Some other option?

Since I only play for play chips it doesn't really matter, but I'd lean towards A.


Pokerwolf said...

I'd take A if I was playing for real money.

Anonymous said...

I am a felon who plays for real money, so I choose A.

Come and get me, coppers!

Anonymous said...

I'd choose A, but its already a significant amount and I would rather not lose all of it.


I agree with the legislation which aims to ban credit cards as a payment method for online gambling of any sort... and i think it should be enforced worldwide – not just in America. In fact, gambling with a credit card should be banned full stop. Not just on the internet. It’s a no brainer when you consider you are placing backing the outcome of an uncertain event with somebody else’s money. Chance and credit do not mix well in my opinion, and continuing to allow it would only contribute further in negatively affecting the high levels of personal debt many citizens today find themselves in. I do however, think that the prohibition won't work; or at least it won’t be received well amongst gamblers - I mean what’s the point in banning a credit card payment made on an online poker game, for example, but continuing to allow online sports betting? Slightly hypocritical, no? I mean how can you allow someone to participate [with or without a credit card] in online horse racing betting, but not put any money on a hand of texas hold’em poker? both activities involve a large degree of chance, and neither are guaranteed to yield financial return.
What really infuriates me however, is that the minority of irresponsible gamblers [those paying with someone elses money!] have now ruined the fun of online betting for everyone else - those like me who pay with money they actually have in their bank!!
At least for the Americans there is always the free online poker games!