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Saturday, January 06, 2007

How To Not Lose Money Playing Poker

Step 1: Don't play.
Step 2: See step 1.

We're almost seven days into 2007 and I have played a grand total of zero hands. Quite a change from the last couple years' average of a thousand hands plus per week.

I didn't go so far as to make a New Year's Resolution to play less poker (although I considered it) -- I just decided that I shouldn't play when I don't really feel like it. So far, I haven't had the urge.

Home game tonight, so the streak will come to an end.


2006 ended in pretty much standard fashion. I was actually enjoying a nice game of $25 PLO and was up a buyin, when I run into the following hand:

Very passive table. I have AJJ9 single suited in middle position. I make a smallish raise, looking to disguise my hand as much as anything else. This is the first raise in at least two orbits. Several callers.

Flop is A22. Anyone scared by that?

Checked to me, I represent AA and bet the pot. One caller. Um, OK. Someone's got a 2, maybe with an ace.

Turn is a J. Yahtzee. I slow play (you knew I'm an idiot) and check/call. Maybe I don't have AA, maybe I have a weak 2!

River is a meaningless 3. I pot it and get raised. I'm only too happy to call, and of course lose to AAxx, whose slowplay was superior to mine. I have to admit it was a surprise to see AAxx there -- too bad I didn't have 22xx.

Anyway, the standard part is that I donated my profit and quit up a buck. Yay.


Not much else going on. The weather continues to be unseasonably mild. Played golf on the first, yay global warming.

Off to watch one of the DVDs I got for Christmas.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Haha just saw that I busted your KK in the mook with JTo a long time ago.

Sorrrrrrrry, I don't remember that.

I promise I'm not a donkey?