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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I Have No Pictures To Prove It But It Really Happened.

Another fabulous trip to Las Vegas for a WPBT gathering is in the books, and I’m already looking forward to the next one. I don’t think I’m likely to post a full trip report but may change my mind on that. Instead, I want to hit a few of the highlights and lowlights.

Let me preface my comments by being sure you understand something. I’m introverted. *Really* introverted. It doesn’t bother me. I’m perfectly okay with myself as company. Never been prone to walk up to random people, introduce myself and say “damn glad to know you”. It’s just not me. And since I’m also about as deep as a mud puddle, I tend to be pretty quiet. I don’t have the razor-sharp wit of an Iggy, a Daddy or a Pauly, just to name a few. If I’m not saying much, it doesn’t mean anything.

I am the way that I am.

And I still had an absurd amount of fun.

Some highlights, in no particular order:

* Seeing a lot of folks from previous gatherings. Way too many to list them all, so if you were there, this means you.

* Allowing myself to get talked into playing the Friday afternoon tournament at the IP with Al, Daddy, G-Money and anyone else I’m missing. Ended up finishing 7th for a cash.

* Meeting GCox, who’s a helluva good guy and possesses more stamina than 98% of bloggers surveyed, and some other folks for the first time.

* Playing live no limit cash for the first time ever – 1/2 NL at the MGM. Ended up with a whole $5 profit.

* Not completely humiliating myself in the Blogger tournament at Caesars.

* Winning my one sports bet of the trip on a college basketball game and enjoying my largest ever slot win (a whopping $90). Tournament = FREEROLL.

* Playing Paigow until 6 AM with a bunch of bloggers, and winning.

* Following up the Paigow with a very profitable session of craps with StB, Maigrey, Garth and Bobby Bracelet. Team America. Winning is how Bobby rolls. I almost got unstuck for the trip.

* Winning a SnG at the Poker Pro party by destroying a big ace with the hammer.

* Random meal (it was breakfast for me, at least) with Pauly and Derek.

* A final night of winning Paigow, which included observing paigow tilt and the dealer deciding that Maigrey must be my "honey".

* Painless travel, other than Northwest cramming thousands of bodies onto each flight.

* Not coming down with mutant bird flu this time. Vitamin C + booze = good health.

Beats, also in no particular order:

* Not making the money in the Blogger tournament.

* Pissing off the gambling gods by noting to BG on Saturday afternoon that I was about even for the day. I promptly went and dropped $400 in about an hour and a half.

* Being too busy with craps and then too sleepy to place any football bets. I should post a screenshot of the plays I’d written down before the trip - winner, winner, winner, winner etc. Ugh.

* Not getting my stuff together in time to organize the Spaceman Buffet Challenge. Jason volunteered to eat a certain weight (“tonnage”) of the dreadful Emperor’s Buffet food if there was enough money in it. Next time, that’s going to happen. I’ll bring the scale.

* The biggest beat of all was not meeting nearly enough new people. I did have the pleasure of meeting GCox, G-Money, Garth, Dawn from I Had Outs, Linda from PokerWorks, Katitude and a couple other folks, but the list of those I didn’t meet would be far longer (although truth be told, many of them wouldn’t have known who I was).

Because I’m me, I needed plenty of alone time. And I got it. That’s the genius of these get togethers – if you need or want to do your own thing, Vegas offers a million and one things to do at any hour of the day or night. But if you want to find someone cool to hang out with, that’s also an option 24/7, just wander over to the bar. I felt like I accomplished a good mix of both, although there are plenty of things that I missed. It happens.


A couple comments on the tournament at Caesars. I’d read a lot of favorable comments on their tourney structure, and I know April worked hard to get us the same deal as their regular tournaments.

That being said, it still felt like a total crapshoot after the first break.

Overall, I felt like I played decently. Not great, but decently. I think I went to showdown twice: The first hand after the second break I found AQo in early early position and puuushed. I got a call from … AQo. We chopped. On the other hand, I busted.

I did receive two big pairs – KK and QQ, once each. Both times I made a standard 3x raise and picked up the blinds. Other than that, pretty much had junk. I folded 44 UTG once and folded AQo once to a Change100 raise (her hammer crushed a KQo that called and saw a Q77 flop), but otherwise, I didn’t have a choice but to get frisky with any ace and most any face.

I didn’t take the rebuy until the end of level two. I wanted to see just how tilted I would be. Since the tilt level only reached high yellow and I had 2000 chips, I took it. It wouldn’t have mattered, since I never had a chance of stacking anyone.

Joaquin got it right when he assigned me my new nickname: “Card Dead”.

Two hands were misplayed. During level one, I got into a battle of the blinds with Iggy. I flopped an open ender, but did not improve. Folded on the river. I should have raised the flop to find out if he had anything (or just folded).

The last hand, we’re down to, I don’t know, 20ish. I have T6500, which is about as many chips as I had at my high point. Daddy limps for some reason on the button, I complete my small blind with T9s. The big blind, Smokkee, pushes. He has me well covered. Daddy folds and I’m at decision time.

Basically, with the blinds and 100 chip antes, I have an M of less than 2. I’m going to have to make a stand at some point in the next ten hands. This looks suspiciously like a straight steal, and at least I’m probably live. I call.

Bad call, now that I think about it – I should have tried to fold my way up closer to the bubble. But a call was made nonetheless. I need help.

He shows 44. Didn’t want the call. Flop has a 4. I four flush on the turn but don’t get there. Game over.

And that was the last poker I played in Vegas.

Just so you know, that makes three live blogger tournaments, zero pocket aces. So rigged.


I’ll probably have a few more things to say later, since I'm forgetting a million things, and I will definitely be writing a review of the Poker Pro table. For now, work calls and I need about 900 hours of sleep at some point to get caught up.

Can it be next time already?


Anonymous said...

You shall have to wait like rest of us!

Great seeing you again Mike!

Anonymous said...

Glad to meet you, you Craps Rolling Monster, you!

I am still pissed about Team America though.

Dr. Pauly said...

The pleasure was all mine hanging out with you, sir.

I'm glad we had a chance to hang out for that random meal and then play PAI GOW.

Anonymous said...

I remember the craps game, but not the winning part. Did I crash at the wrong time?

Making Spaceman eat any tonnage of that buffet is simply INHUMANE! Though if it has to be done I vote lunch.

Maigrey said...

StB - right after you left, the table went HOT!

And it is always, always, a pleasure to see you and give you my money, honey. :)

Ignatious said...

awesome seeing you again, mike. mebbe next time we can pound some greyhounds together at the bar!

smokkee said...

after you busted from the WPBT tourney, i was questioning your call myself. but, you made a good read. i pushed not really wanting to race with my monster pair of 4's. i was lucky it held. sorry for the T.O. celebration after the hand. uncalled for.

btw, the highest pocket pair i saw in that tourney was QQ and got no action after a standard preflop raise. i think we did ok to get as deep as we did. i concur about the structure. it looks good on the surface but, the blinds double and antes kick in to soon.

see ya next time. -smoke

GaryC said...


Was a great time and great to meet you and have a few pops AND I concur on the structure as well. When they said antes after the break, I knew full well that I was in trouble.

Can't wait for the next time either.


Anonymous said...

After so many games played together online, it was great to meet you! I'm just sorry I didn't introduce myself earlier :-(

Daddy said...

Great to see you again, sir.

Anonymous said...

great times bro . . . i think that meal was my brunch. great seeing you again . . . until next time!

Anonymous said...

oh yeah . . . PAI GOW!!!