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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Dear Santa, I'd Like An Uzi plz k thx

There is nothing like Christmas shopping to bring out the holiday spirit. After two hours at the mall this afternoon, I was ready to start killing people. From the looks of those around me, I wasn't alone.

At least I finally have it done. The shopping, that is, not the killing.

Sigh. That still doesn't read right. Screw it.

I've been in kind of a funk lately, which has resulted in a lot of procrastination. I managed to do my out-of-town shopping and shipping in one night earlier this week, but left everything else until today. That's right, as of noon on December 23 I had purchased zero gifts. I r smart.

Coming up with ideas is always the harded part. Although it was tempting, I decided that I couldn't get away with dishing out PokerPro hats, T-shirt and hoodie as gifts. I had to actually shop. Eight hours and about twelve stops later, I'm finally done. If I'd had any sense -- if you're looking for specific toys, go to freaking Toys 'R Us, don't waste time at mass merchandisers -- I could have been done in half the time. Oh, well. Live and learn and next year be organized enough to do it all on the internet.

Between now and noonish tomorrow I have to wrap fifteen or twenty things and do a little baking. And some laundry. And a few million dozen other things.

I love the holidays.


Speaking of things I love, did you notice that some of the poker sites have very nice end of the year promotions? My pals at Full Tilt (bonus code WAITIDONTHAVEONE) are giving away $15,000 plus electronics every day. You have to accumulate differing levels of Full Tilt points in order to be eligible, but how hard is it to get at least one point every day?

PokerStars (bonus code IMSONOTANAFFILIATE) also stepped up with a slew of promotions in honor of their fifth anniversary. They're running a reload bonus of 25% to $150 until January 2 and are giving away cash every million hands. I see that one of the penny poker donktards I sat with yesterday won one of them. Easiest $250 he ever made, I bet.

Unlike promotions (which I never win), I'm not really loving poker right now. Frankly, I've been a little burned out and haven't played much in the last week or two. I'll probably write some kind of angsty "state of my game" post to coincide with the new year, which I'm sure you're *really* looking forward to. Or not. I also have some thoughts on the "Are bloggers weak tight?" article which I've been meaning to assemble, but I haven't gotten around to it. Someday.


Color me thankful that I don't have to travel.

Merry Christmas, happy holidays, stay safe and enjoy the season. See ya in a few.


Dr. Pauly said...

Merry Christmas, on_thg!

Wolverine Fan said...

Merry Christmas