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Thursday, November 09, 2006


Maybe I've been taking the wrong approach all along.

I was dinking around last night, having missed the special early start time of the Mookie. I was about ready to shut down the computer and get some sleep, when I stumbled across a freeroll. An unusually good freeroll -- the prizes were entries into the site's weekly big tournament. The field wasn't that big -- just over 500 runners -- so I signed up.

Big mistake.

Being tired, I decided to donk it up. It is a freeroll, after all.

Didn't work.

I knew I was in trouble when I doubled up with K8o. After minraising UTG.

And when I took down a pot by minraising a K22 flop. With 33.

Fortunately, I had April explain to me that it's when you're more trying to lose that you're pretty much guaranteed to win. I was not previously aware of that rule. Maybe I'm just used to sucking at tournament poker. All I had to do was not really try. So I didn't, but I still won pots with 54o, 63o, 73o, and true junk like KK.

Cutting this boring story short, four hours later I found myself with a tournament entry. This will be the biggest buyin tournament I've ever played -- small potatoes for you WSOP and Sunday Million players, but still. My EV is 0, since I'll probably suck as usual. I'd much rather have the cash for Vegas, but that's not an option.

All in all, it was pretty neat to win a decent prize in a freeroll. It's been a while.

Now, if only I could freeroll my way into some extra sleep. It's going to be a very long day.


Pokerwolf said...

Well, at least you know how to play in the tournament.

Don't mess with success and all that.

TripJax said...

Yeah, you gotta try and lose the big tournament too...

April said...

So sorry to hear about the win. Just do the same thing for the big tourney and you should be out of there in no time. Make plans for that evening too, just to ensure your desire to be done with it.