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Monday, November 27, 2006

No, You Most Assuredly May Not Call It A Return To Relevance

Fresh off a four day weekend, I have nothing of interest to post about. Turkey was consumed, a couple of rounds of golf were played, football was watched.

Virtually no pokering took place. I recognized the signs of crazy monkey tilt on Wednesday and shut things down quickly, but not until I donked out of the Mookie with bottom set.

No further desire to play manifested itself the rest of the weekend, although I did decide at the last minute to play the WPBT HORSE event. Finished 11th. I put a tough beat on Hacker59 in H -- I had KK UTG, Hacker had AA in the big blind. I flopped a set and there was plenty of raising and reraising.

Otherwise, I pretty much played like I wasn't paying attention. And that was that.

Now it's Monday and I've got to get busy so that I can go on VACATION in about 11 days.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

When the action continued post-flop in the AA vs. KK hand, I pretty much knew you had your set and decided to go down with what little was left of my ship. Good hand. Overall, I had scant bizness being in that tournament anyway.